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September 20 2012, 08:29 PM

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Writing Feedback Meme (shamelessly yanked from LJ)

ASK BOX link, for your convenience.

Oftentimes people don’t leave comments or feedback because they’re not sure what to say. They don’t want to remark on things the author may not have meant for them to notice, or the overall impression is so strong that it drowns out specifics. Below is a list of questions to consider for what I’ve already written, and let me know your thoughts.

Answer one or answer them all - it’s up to you. (You can do so on anon, and please be as honest as you feel like being. I can take it, etc)

  1. Do I hit any of your pet peeves? (switching tenses, overusing epithets, using the same cliché over and over again)
  2. Are there certain patterns/quirks you’ve come to expect (pop culture references, using a lot of alliteration, putting characters in the certain situations over and over)
  3. Are there things you wish I would write that I haven’t? 
  4. Do I have bad habits that make you crazy (slow to update, leaving WIPs unfinished, begging too much for praise?)
  5. If you could pick one piece of mine and say ‘write another like that’, which would it be?
  6. Conversely, is there anything I did so badly that you want to warn me off that style/idea forever?
  7. For whichever fandom you read me in - name 2-3 authors you think I’m on a similar level to. 
  8. If someone asked you why you choose to read my writing - what would be the main reason you give?
  9. Is there anything I write (a topic, a rating, a pairing) that makes you keep on scrolling and refuse to read?
  10. Is there anything you thought you didn’t like but have decided to read it because I wrote it?
  11. Lastly, is there anything else you’ve always meant to say to be about writing, but haven’t found the time or place to do it?
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    I would greatly appreciate feedback. It lets me know that I’m doing a good job and/or helps me improve my writing. Thank...
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    Ask box link edited for my ask box. Feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me improve.
  11. witchpieceoftoast answered: You should write another one like the G/M first kiss modern AU! I loved that one!
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