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August 26 2012, 10:28 PM

Cora: What sort of time do you call this?

Regina: The time for all the fun to stop?

Cora: You stupid, selfish girl. You have your audition in the morning.

Regina: For the last time? I don’t want to go. 

Cora: You’ve been drinking.

Regina: Well… duh!

(Cora slaps her. Regina holds her face, a little stunned.)

Regina: Jesus! You didn’t have to…

Cora: I seem to remember it’s the only way you learn. Now get upstairs and get some sleep.

Regina: Yeah, about that?

Cora: What?

Regina: (defiant) I’ve got company. So, you know, goodnight.

(she rubs her cheek pointedly.)

Cora: That blonde tramp I saw sneaking through the kitchen the other night?

Regina: She’s not a tramp! Emma happens to be from a very good family.

Cora: I’ve told you. This little habit of yours is sick and wrong. Tomorrow you’ll have your audition, and if you put some effort in maybe you’ll get a husband instead of a job.

Regina: What are you, pimping me out now? Promised the director I’d do anything for the job?

Cora: It couldn’t hurt.

Regina: You’re sick. (hiccups) I’m going to bed. And I’m locking the door.

Cora: Audition’s at nine. If you’re so much as a second late—

Regina: Yeah. Okay.

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