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July 23 2012, 03:18 PM

In which: a ficlet occurs. NB all s2 spoilery posted will be tagged ‘ouat s2’ if you want to savior it. Same applies for damelola.

Henry: Mom! Moooooom!

Regina: Henry? Henry, what are you doing here? It isn’t safe.

Henry: Mom, I need to talk to you! 

Regina: Where’s Emma? Why is she letting you run around like this?

Henry: I snuck out! Come downstairs and let me in.

Regina: (weary) I can’t do that, Henry. I’m going to call Miss Swan and have her collect you.

Henry: Don’t you get it? They’re going to come for you. And Emma’s the only one saying ‘no’. I think they’re wearing her down.

Regina: This is what you wanted, sweetheart. For the Evil Queen to be exposed. For me to lose this final battle.

Henry: No, it isn’t. I just wanted you to stop lying to me!

Regina: (sighs) I’m going to do something, Henry—some magic—and I want you to trust me, okay? I will never hurt you.

Henry: (mumbles) I know.

(with a flick of her fingers, Regina lifts him into the air until he’s face to face with her at the window)

Regina: Now we can stop shouting. No unnecessary attention, remember that.

Henry: If you come with me now, if you help get the town to stop freaking out and burning stuff, I think people will remember you were a good Mayor, Mom. I think they need a leader right now.

Regina: They’re burning the town until they can burn me at the stake, Henry. I know you’re still a little boy, but you understand that much.

Henry: I don’t want you to die.

Regina: I just wanted to be your mommy, Henry. That’s all I wanted in this new life. Will you remember that? Promise me you’ll remember that.

Henry: Stop it!

Regina: Stop what?

Henry: Being… being a wuss! You’re the Evil Queen! Shouldn’t you be throwing fireballs at people? Running around telling everyone you’re still gonna destroy their happiness?

Regina: There’s no point. I’ve lost everything

Henry: Well, maybe you didn’t lose me, okay?

Regina: (bemused) Really?

Henry: I don’t know. Not yet. But how are we gonna fix it if you give up?

Regina: It’s still not safe, Henry.

(she lowers him gently back to the ground)

Regina: But tell Miss Swan… tell her, if she wants some kind of parlay… I’ll let her come here unharmed. 

Henry: You promise?

Regina: I promise. But only because of you.

Henry: Okay. I’m gonna go get her right now.

Regina: But you, young man, are to go back to wherever is safe, understand?

Henry: You don’t want to see me?

Regina: More than nearly anything, Henry. But not as much as I want to keep you safe.

Henry: Okay. Be nice to Emma.

Regina: That I can’t promise. But I will try.


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